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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Friday, May 21, 2010







剛巧 TVB 的時事新聞節目,『新雙城記』討論的就是“上海”和“香港”兩個城市,千絲萬縷的關係。本港朋友登入 TVB 網頁可以觀看影片,外國朋友可利用“Youtube 你喉“搜尋,也可以收看到。





第1集~對碰 播出日期: 2010.04.29

第2集~今昔 播出日期: 2010.05.06

第3集~尋索 播出日期: 2010.05.13




上海公共租界 維基百科

香港是老幾?Hong Kong Ranking!
香港請得到人才 卻留不到人才
接駁全國高速鐵路 and/or 與「中國速度」接軌
獨裁者的 Efficiency


新鮮人 said...


the inner space said...


Haricot 微豆 said...

Thank you for your article and the reference to TVB's 時事新聞節目『新雙城記』 . I have not watched the latter, but my sense is that:

* The success of Shanghai exemplifies what new China can do as the world's emerging economic power-house. The 100% made-in-China success of Shanghai is the success of the new China. Many might argue that the past and future success of HK may not be attributed 100% to mainland China.

* Many Shanghai ppl fled China after WW II and again during the hardship years in the 50's/60's (e.g. the Great Leap Forward and the departure of Soviet personnel/support). In fact, North Point was at one point nicknamed小上海. So, it is possible that some Chinese decision-makers might wish to reward the "loyal" Shanghainese who have chosen to stay behind during highs and lows, for better or worse.

* Some decision-makers in China might still see the HK ppl as "different", in terms of their political orientation and thinking. One would recall that colonial HK was being labelled as 大毒草 during the Cultural Revolution.

* When China was being isolated behind the so-called "bamboo curtain", HK was one of its economic and political portal. During the post-war period up to the 80's, both Britain and China derived benefits from the prosperity of HK (e.g. the outflow of HK Dollars to deal with the devaluation of the British pounds) and its free-port status (e.g. China's access to western currencies thru import/export). However, with China being recognized by Canada and rest of the western world, the usefulness of HK has decreased slowly. As China continues to open up its factories and ports for international trade and investments, HK is forced to choose its niche market (in order to be useful and survive), retreating first from manufacturing, to import/export, then to financial services. To complicate matters, there are also competitions from Singapore and other parts of Asia.

* Given the current political structure, one would assume HK ppl would all think of themselves as part of the make-China-strong team as opposed to make-HK-strong team. However, there are historical baggage and political movements to deal with, and that too is reality.

* Comparing HK to Shanghai is in many ways underestimating the influence and power-base of the "national" city. Perhaps, HK should re-examine its role of SAR and put itself in the pants of decision-makers in the centre and ask the questions:

---- What are the strengths of HK in terms of infrastructure, knowledge, technology and know-how, etc?

---- What are the usefulness of HK to each of the government Ministry nationally and regionally (commerce, foreign affairs, industry, education, defence, ....etc) ?

* Possible usefulness might include (thinking in and out of the box here): A pilot-test ground for Chinese-style democracy? An alternate southern port to Shanghai (in case of emergency/disruption, or simply to even out the loads and take advantage of the high-speed train system)? A bridgehead to beat China's BRIC competitors? A southern hub for training provincial business ppl and govt officials? A east-meet-west arts and performance centre-of-excellence to develop and export China's cultural industry abroad (the so-called "US cultural imperialism" aside, isn't this what Bollywood is doing)?

So much blue-skying for now !!!

exile said...

Why was HK labelled 大毒草? Drug related?

I couldn't watch 新雙城記. The youtube clip was very slow. It's pointless to compete with Shanghai. The key is to make HK useful to China. I think HK will eventually become whatever China wants her to be. May be China is still testing where HK's strength is??

No one says one-country-two-system is going to be easy. I can't imagine living in San Diego but yet it is not part of the U.S! I think I would have felt a little lost. I don't even like living in Hawaii because Hawaii is like a forgotten state.

the inner space said...

Hari big brother, " So much blue-skying for now !!!" you are an optimistic person. While I am a typical pessimistic person.

As for HK govt they take a passive role just seeking the mercy of what the central government, like I said in my archive.

港人相信中央一定會撐香港:“英國人做到的,中國人一定做得到。” 相信撬埋雙手,由中國給養就夠了。



the inner space said...

Exile, ”大毒草“,微豆兄原文是:“One would recall that colonial HK was being labelled as 大毒草 during the Cultural Revolution.”

在”文化大革命 Cultural Revolution“高潮,香港的資本主義的意識形態,被極左的中國官員,形容為污染中國的共產主義”大毒草“。Wish I didn't misinterpret 微豆兄罷。

As for your suggestion:”May be China is still testing where HK's strength is??“ I believed Beijing China already known too much, and they see Shanghai has the potential to replace Hong Kong, 此增彼長, HK in deep shit situation.

As for your last paragraph, Exile can you kindly elaborate a bit more? Thanks!

Haricot 微豆 said...


>> ... 形容為污染中國的共產主義”大毒草"

Thanks !! Yes, that was the context at the time. So, any actions to stop the 大毒草 from spreading and poisoning were righteously justified. One can never be too careful, right ?!!

exile said...

We are all 大毒草, HAHA!

I'm sorry. I forgot we don't share the same background and experience. I assume you will understand what I meant.

When I think about one-country-two-system in HK, I try to put myself in HKer's
shoes. The big what if! What would it mean for San Diego to stand alone with no U.S constitution
to back us all up? A city with no federal government funding, no military and political assistance & influence. San Diego may be a nice place for a bunch of laid back sun-worshippers, but can we provide enough good-paying jobs for our residents without all the juicy federal government contracts?
Can we put all our faith and hope in a few mediocre local politicians' hands?
Without the rest of the U.S to share the risk, how are we going to handle any fiscal crisis? Imagine if San Diego were to have its own currency which pegs with the Chinese yuan (what a nightmare!). Can we alone come up with enough tax revenue to pay for all the social programs? The worst of all, we will lose our freedom relocating to other
parts of the U.S. Now that I write them all down, there are lots of benefits being a united part of the mothership.

All these make me wonder...

How is HK going to keep fighting China off and at the same time try to benefit from China's financial and political strength ? It is like fighting a giant with no weapons. HK people aren't paying any taxes to the Chinese government. Why should China help HK?
There is no free lunch. HK people can't have it all.

the inner space said...

微豆兄:民革這段歷史,是從書本報章引述而得知,對其了解有限。 民革時期“口號”和“扣帽子”多得很,叫“大毒草”,是否已經很 mild 的呢?香港有沒有淪為“反革命基地”?

the inner space said...

Exile, when comparing Singapore and San Diego,area,size,demographic factor,population,GDP etc etc while Singapore survived for over 40 years but you said san diego could not.

I guess even for a metropolitan city they should balance their budgets.

Apparently the city of San Diego relied mostly on the federal funding to survive,I remember there is a naval base right at the port!

But according to 維基百科 San Diego:Second-largest city in California and 46th largest city in the Americas. Located along the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of the United States, San Diego has a population of 1,279,329 (July 2008 estimate). San Diego is the fifth-wealthiest city in the United States.[5] San Diego's top four industries are manufacturing, defense, tourism, and agriculture.

San Diego's economy is largely composed of agriculture, biotechnology/biosciences, computer sciences, electronics manufacturing, defense-related manufacturing, financial and business services, ship-repair, ship-construction, software development, telecommunications, wireless research, and tourism.

As for HK, yes Exile,U are correct, HK does not contribute any tax revenue to central govt in beijing. 但中央一定會撐香港:“英國人做到的,中國人一定做得到。” 所以香港人相信撬埋雙手,由中國給養就夠了。

exile said...

Speaking of San Diego, our telecommunication company Qualcomm is opening a multimillion-dollar research and development facility in Shanghai — its second in China — highlighting the importance of the huge Chinese market to the San Diego maker of wireless modems and other cell phone chips.

the inner space said...

Exile, the investment is a new R&D center is part of Qualcomm’s ongoing efforts to both utilize the growing pool of telecommunications engineering talent and enhance local R&D capabilities for the increasingly important wireless communications market in China.

Apparently Qualcomm tapping into cheaper cost of qualified personnels provided and educated by China. The same establishment in the states will be almost triple or four fold and more.

I would like to see how president Obama reacts to this multi- million dollars investment or he just simply not protecting the US job market???

Link:Qualcomm Press Release

Haricot 微豆 said...

>> ... We are all 大毒草, HAHA!

Hey, Exile, what are you smoking there ?? Speak for yourself XD !!!!

Okay, seriously ....

>> ... 叫“大毒草”,是否已經很 mild 的呢?

Space: Yes, and no.

One could say the labelling was "mild" since Hong Kongers were not forced to kneel on broken glasses 跪玻璃, unlike some of those who had been labelled 大地主 inside mainland China.

It was also "severe" since there were IEDs (improvised explosive devices 土製菠蘿) that caused injuries and deaths to police and civilians alike on the streets.

>> ... 香港有沒有淪為“反革命基地”?

No. Most of the HK ppl had no intention of overthrowing the PRC. But those who wanted the HK colonial govt to stay were being labelled as "imperialist running dogs 帝國主義走狗" and "anti-revolutionaries 反革命分子".

exile said...

Qualcomm is one of the best companies to work for in San Diego. We can't afford to lose them but then again, they have been shipping jobs out for a long time. With all the so-called voting power American citizens have, we can't stop jobs from being out-sourced. Argh, as you know, campaign promise is one thing, reality is another. Jobs have been lost since Clinton was in office. Qualcomm relies on government contracts too. Ås long as their headquarter stays in San Diego, I don't mind seeing them expand to China. I am sure they will bring some Chinese business back to San Diego too. We have a football stadium named after Qualcomm- Qualcomm Stadium..

Haricot 微豆 said...

>> .... I would like to see how president Obama reacts to this multi- million dollars investment or he just simply not protecting the US job market???

Unless there are multilateral directives (such as UN security council resolutions 聯合國安理會決議, NATO sanctions, etc) and/or federal acts/legislations/policies that allows direct interventions from Washington (such as those dealing with war measures, public safety, national security concerns, govt-funded projects, etc), I do not believe the US Prez can order Qualcomm to open/close shops in China. Surely, he doesn't want to give the Tea Party movement more ammunitions.

Exile, please correct me if I am wrong.

the inner space said...

微豆兄:我沒有太多資料和知識,關於當年的中國”民革“和在港的”土製菠蘿“。至於 "anti-revolutionaries 反革命分子" 和 ”反革命基地“,應該分別不大。

the inner space said...

Exile, politicians have many faces!比四川變臉還要快!

但奧巴馬不是有個 ACT 要美國公司,先聘請美國人民的嗎?怎麽 Qualcomm 又把 RnD outsourcing 去了上海,話就話是較貼近中國市場,背後又不是人工成本誘因,顯然那個 ACT 又不適用了????

the inner space said...

微豆兄:Re"I do not believe the US Prez can order Qualcomm to open/close shops in China. Surely, he doesn't want to give the Tea Party movement more ammunitions."


exile said...

Act? Yeah, I heard there are many "stop outsourcing U.S jobs" bills waiting for congress to TAKE ACTION! But nothing has been done. As of today, it is still legal to outsource except certain highly sensitive industry and technology. But hey, there is a price tag on everything. In the past, China has successfully acquired sensitive technology from some of our defense contractors (not to name names). No way to stop greed. I think we will eventually see U.S wages go down. Politicians are just a bunch of sell-outs. Both parties are pro-outsourcing. They aren't doing anything to stop high paying jobs from leaving the country but they are messing with illegal immigrants from Mexico who come here to mow our lawn and clean our houses.
California unemployment rate is over 12%. Like I said before, save more and spend less la!

the inner space said...

Exile, II are mostly taking up the unwanted low pay jobs. Are the americans willing to take up these low pay jobs?