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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Friday, September 28, 2007




跟著股市,一直牛氣沖天,一往冇回頭,祇是間中略為調整,高處不勝寒,我亦不敢入市。點知北京送禮給曾特首連任成功,給予香港 QDII,北水南調,今天沖破二萬七,收市指收報27065.15,連四叔所預測的都提早來臨了。朋輩再談起,都指我太過保守。

所謂『不是你財,唔入你袋』,沒有持貨反而,不用擔驚受怕,對個心臟壓力都少啲。日常工作壓力已經不少了,少了炒股的壓力,雖然財富沒有顯著增加,賺少了很多,反而心安理得,學習到阿"Q" 精神。


繼陳太正式宣布參選港島區立法會補選,今天葉太亦簽下戰書,來個兩太之爭,兩太對決。 雖然祇有七個月的任期,卻被泛民主派標簽為『2012年普選的公投』。







在中國舉行的女足世界杯決賽週,已經完成準決賽,昨晚德意志女足在天津殺敗挪威 3 - 0,成為星期天決賽的一隊,今晚巴西女足,亦在杭州大勝美國女足 4- 0,成為決賽的另一隊。

不過美中不足是,美國隊一早被球證罰了一個球員出場,大部分時間祇得十人應戰。 睇返短片,在中文報導背後,聽到英文有個有趣的旁述,個旁述員說: “The United States most of the time were TEN MANNED lost 0 - 4 to Brazil "。 TEN MANNED 當然是指只得十人應戰,不是指十個男人,不過英文可能沒有 WOMANNED 這個字或者詞彙。

在舊時男權社會,很多用字不難可見,是用了男性做本位,以上祇是其中的一個例子。看來女權份子,除了燒胸圍,還要在用詞方面,改造一吓,好像 呢家有 Chairman 和 Chairwoman 了。

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Luck Chuck 2007

Good Luck Chuck 2007

六月時上網睇吓,北美電影有乜新戲,看到這部純男人的妄想---> Good Luck Chuck, 并寫落一篇網誌介紹。 昨晚再上網翻查 Yahoo Movies, 原來上周五已經在北美上畫, 一個周末票房記錄,排名第二, 第一是 Resident Evil - Extinction.


While searching the North America Coming Soon movies I saw this one named "Good Luck Chuck" Hollywood never cease to meet the men fantasy!

Directed by: Mark Helfrich

Dane Cook as Chuck Charlie Kagan
Jessica Alba as Cam Wexler

Official Site:Good Luck Chuck
Yahoo movies
Good Luck Chuck

Chuck breaks up with his long-time girlfriend only to see her get engaged to the next guy she dates. The same pattern occurs with his next girlfriend, and continues to repeat. All of a sudden he finds himself becoming a lucky charm for women, who all want to date and go with him on the bed.

Chuck will bring every woman he has sex with a true love immediate after him. So Chuck has a long line of women to date this Good Luck Charm. This busy DRONE enjoying his life until he meets a girlie he doesn't want to lose.....showing September 21st, in North America.

Chuck 查里 是個傷心人﹐他剛剛和女友分手﹐而且他的女友立即找到了新男友﹐並很快就結了婚。 之後他的新女友們﹐不論長短﹐祇要跟他分手﹐下一個就會是她的真愛。 


但不久﹐不論高矮肥瘦﹐美的﹐醜的﹐年老的﹐未成年的女性﹐女同性戀的﹐男同性戀的﹐都找上門﹐要一親香澤。 查里有苦自己知﹐最弊是他發現了﹐他的心中女神﹐並決定約會她追求她!


查看 還未見縱影,會否在香港上映?成疑。

最後我都是沒有看這電影,根據 wiki 百科:Good Luck Chuck


While playing a game seven minutes in heaven at a party in 1985, 12-year-old Charles "Chuck" Logan (Connor Price) refuses to have sex with a goth girl named Anisha (Sasha Pieterse). In retaliation, Anisha places a curse on Chuck, so that every single woman he sleeps with will break up with him and marry the next man who asks her out.

In the present, Chuck (Dane Cook) is in his thirties, and runs a dental practice in the same building as his best friend Stu's (Dan Fogler) plastic surgery business.

Chuck finds himself unable to tell his girlfriend, Carol (Chelan Simmons), that he loves her, and she breaks up with him while having sex on the beach. At a wedding, Chuck becomes enamored with Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), a sometimes-clumsy, but-friendly marine biologist. Chuck asks Cam for a date, but she gently refuses him.

While working at a penguin habitat, Cam accidentally slips and chips her tooth. When she visits Chuck to have it fixed, he asks her to go out with him instead of paying him. Though initially reluctant, Cam agrees. Meanwhile, Stu notices the pattern of girls getting married as soon as Chuck has sex with them.

Stu eventually convinces Chuck to embrace the influx of women who have learned of his pattern and visit his practice, arguing that there's nothing better than having lots of guilt-free sex. However, after having this so-called "guilt-free sex" with numerous women, Chuck decides he wants a serious relationship with Cam.

However, just before he has sex with her, Stu informs him that each of the women Chuck has slept with have got married, including Carol. Worried that the same thing will happen to Cam, Chuck begins to avoid her.

Stu convinces Chuck to test the curse by having sex with an obese woman, and see if she marries afterward. Chuck asks Stu to ask the woman out to see if this results in marriage, and when it does not, Chuck concludes that the curse is fake, and has sex with Cam.

Afterward, however, Chuck discovers that the woman Stu was supposed to ask out got married to another man. Chuck calls Stu, who confesses that he only pretended to ask the woman. Chuck gets mad because of Stu's treason but Stu doesn't care about the complaints.

Chuck believes Cam wants to go out with Howard, who authored a book about penguins. Chuck attempts to track down Anisha. Now married with a child, Anisha tells Chuck that the curse wasn't meant to be real.

Still convinced that Cam will hang out with, Chuck tries desperately to get Cam's attention and asks her to marry him. His attempts, though, cause Cam to become convinced he's stalking her and she breaks up with him.

Now deciding to let fate take its course, Chuck puts Cam in touch with Howard, and the two seem to connect instantly. Stu convinces Chuck to chase after Cam, who is now headed to Antarctica with Howard.

After Chuck finds her, Cam reveals that Howard is already married to someone else, and that she's only leaving for a week. Chuck hands Cam a ring box containing a pebble, a reference to the penguin mating ritual in which a male penguin finds a stone and brings it to the female penguin he wants to be with (therefore, proposing to her).

Anisha is shown pulling a pin out of a voodoo doll, and the curse is finally broken. A year later, Chuck and Cam are in Antarctica together surrounded by penguins.

Later, Stu is shown with his now wife house-sitting for Chuck and Cam who are now married as well. They search for home-made sex tapes, and find a disturbing tape where Chuck is giving oral to a plush penguin.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



可以點擊放大細看 整篇詞

『水調歌頭』 蘇軾










但願人長久 鄧麗君的版本
申延閱覽: 農曆七月七日「七夕」 月上柳梢頭 《生查子》

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mega Box

MegaBox九龍灣宏照道38號企業廣場五期 ,一座樓高十九層商場,在七月開幕。一時間香港人多了一個新的去處, 人山人海的場面出現。

不覺幾個月,高潮過後, 人潮會少了些, 就好像兩三年前的 朗豪坊 Langham Place. 不過 朗豪坊 之後 被無線借來拍攝無線劇集,「天幕下的戀人」,朗豪坊的天幕一時間又成為旅遊勝地。

香港人貪新忘舊的本性,商場需要不斷推陳出新,才能夠吸引人流,而人流的暢旺,有個 multiplier effect, 你去我去個個去,羊群心理,冇執輸。香港人常說 「執輸行頭,慘過敗家」, 但系點解呢,執輸了還可以行頭呢? 行頭可以先行,咁先至冇執輸播,anyway 香港人唔執輸,怕舌底,只要攪旺個場,一傳十,十傳百,增加人流可期。

「執輸行頭,慘過敗家」, 執輸了反而有得行頭, 這只會發生在 伊拉克 或者 阿富汗,個度週圍炸彈,行先可能踏中炸彈,粉身碎骨,所以啲美軍英軍每次出更,先行執籌,執輸了便要行頭,當然慘過敗家。

好了呢家是在香港, 唔系伊拉克,不是阿富汗,路邊不會滿是炸彈,執輸了就應該冇得行頭,要跟在後面了,排隊買股票,排隊賣股票,有自動對盤系統,先到先得。

以前買波飛,買賣樓花 等等,樣樣都是靠排隊分先後,繁此種種,浪費了排隊等候的時間,現在好一些,都已經是靠執籌分先後了。

Mark Six 六合彩是靠攪出號碼,來分先後,誰人拿走個頭獎先,最近『房處』也用攪株來分先後揀樓,其實也是執籌的一種。

OK 唔想執輸,要『執贏』,就行快啲喇,排頭位喇,呢度唔系伊拉克,呢度唔系阿富汗啊 。

只有 許冠傑 的版本

又因為是用了『披頭四』名曲個 melody 填入廣東話歌詞的,請聽聽
Can't Buy Me Love ~ The Beatles

我也是很執輸還未去過,突然有天記起網友,曾在他的聊天室話去了mega box, 所以想去看看,就上網Search,知道有穿梭巴士往還九龍灣地鐵站。但最終都冇去到,睇吓遲啲涼爽啲再算。

Sunday, September 23, 2007




今朝醒來發覺 Prayer Plant (豹紋竹芋) 繼去年的花期,今季剛長出兩朵新的花兒,可惜相機沒有電力. 唯有立刻將電池再叉電,我等呀等,等呀等,等到花兒也謝了!

我等到花兒也謝了 試聽
唱:張學友 曲: 李偉菘 詞: 陳少琪 編: 趙增熹



曾天天真真的妳 愛假想某日別離後
如孤孤單單的我 會否等妳就似這歌
而飄飄忽忽的妳 到真的決定別離後
留低空空虛虛的我 估不到結局是這歌

你知不知道 你知不知道
你知不知道 你知不知道

你知不知道 你知不知道

這兩幅才是我等到謝了的花兒, 嗚嗚.....嗚嗚....!







豹紋竹芋 」 籐蔓, 葉片對生, 葉片在有陽光時攤平, 無陽光時葉片合起來像手掌合十, 因此有花名叫 Prayer Plant , 祈禱樹。

Prayer Plant 的花兒短壽,朝早開花到了下午已經轉黃,黃昏前就全朵乾掉,跌下花盆的泥土上。我見到的,通常是續一朵開的,一組兩朵花兒甚少見到,所以昨天早上錯失了難得機會,實在可惜!

新鮮人 曇花一現