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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

When the inner space meets the inner light

When the inner space meets the inner light

2013年癸巳蛇年的新年,幾天假期除了回老家跟 爸媽拜年,Space 孵在家中《蛇王》,重溫了過去寫過有關:Star Trek ~ The Next Generation (TNG)的網文。

TNG 第 125集 The Inner Light 即第五季第二十五集

Starship Enterprise 遇到一個物體,發出一道能量,剛好射中太空船船長 Captain Picard. 他暈倒不醒人事﹐船上全人努力搶救,而 Picard 的腦波,顯現他是清醒的,原來 Picard 魂遊到了另一個 dimension!!!

Picard 在這次奇遇,學會了吹奏笛子,當他再醒過來後,他發覺在他靈魂出竅之時,所用過得笛子,就藏在那個不明物體裡面,Picard 不自覺的拿起笛子,再次吹奏出哀怨的 melody,再次跌進回憶裡。

利用 The Inner Light orchestral music 伴奏着整個故事的縮映

一個即將被他們星系的太陽毀滅的星球,為了保留他們的文化和歷史,發射了一個 Probe 上太空,希望遇到其他路過的生物太空船,讓其他文化文明知道,他們的曾經存在!

Star Ship Enterprise 的 Captain Picard 和他的船員路過時,這個 Probe 射出一度能量,剛巧射中 Captain Picard,立刻倒地昏迷。

昏倒的 Picard 發覺他醒來,有個名叫 Eline 的女人,呼喚着他為 Kamin, 說她是 Kamin 的新婚妻子,但 Picard 不肯承認自己是 Kamin 。

Picard 外出走走,發覺他身處一個名叫:Kataan 的星球,爬上高山遠望。Picard 又發覺這個星系的太陽變得愈來愈熱,令到星球乾旱水源貧乏,正在漸漸步向死亡,但他卻無能為力挽救。

Picard/ Kamin 唯有認命,開始展開他和 Eline 的夫妻生活,做回他鐵匠本行,閒時就吹奏笛子為樂,兩夫婦並生下了女兒 Meribor,之後還多生下一個兒子 Batai,但 Picard/ Kamin 還繼續利用公餘時間研究太陽。

女兒 Meribor 得到 Picard/ Kamin 的栽培,成為研究解決乾旱的科學家,但兒子卻終日無所事事,一時要做畫家,一是有要學音樂。日子就是這樣過着,兩夫婦年紀漸長,Eline 先去世,Picard/ Kamin 悲痛不已。

女兒 Meribor 結婚生下孫兒,鐵匠 Picard/ Kamin 也退休了,終日弄孫為樂,一天女兒來到說:政府要發射火箭上太空。眾人外出觀看時,就在此時所有人一起出現,並告訴經已白髮蒼蒼老態龍鍾的 Picard/ Kamin,他們其實經已離開 1000年了。

Kataan 星球發射火箭送一個 Probe 上太空,就是希望有機會遇到其他生物乘太空船路過,讓其他文明知道,他們的 Kataan 星球曾經存在過。Picard 終於明白了,他就這個 chosen one,他生活過很長時間,正好讓他明白到 Kataan 星球的文明和文化以及歷史。

"Oh, it's me, isn't it?", he says, "I'm the someone ... I'm the one it finds."

在 Enterprise 上昏睡的 Picard 醒來了! 原來幾十年的經歷,只是太空船上的 25分鐘,船員把漂浮的 Probe 捉着打開,發覺經已失效,內面藏有一個小盒子,送了給 Captain Picard,打開來一看就是他在 Kataan 星球生活時,時常吹奏用的笛子。

Picard 不期然揍到口邊,吹起一段 The Inner Light,再墮入回憶中!!!

The Complete Ending

In English

【維基百科】On stardate 45944.1, the Enterprise has just finished a magnetic wave survey of the Parvenium System, when they encounter an unknown probe which scans the ship and directs an energy beam at Captain Picard, rendering him unconscious.

Picard wakes up to find himself on the surface of Kataan, a non-Federation planet. A woman identifies herself as his wife, Eline, telling Picard that he is Kamin, an iron weaver recovering from a feverish sickness.

Picard talks of his memories on the Enterprise, but Eline and their close friend Batai try to convince Picard that his memories were only dreams, and acclimate him into their society as Kamin. Picard begins living out his life as Kamin in the village of Ressik, starting a family with Eline, and learning to play the flute.

Kamin spends much time outdoors studying nature. As the years pass, he begins to notice that the planet is suffering a worldwide drought owing to increased radiation from the planet's sun. He sends reports to the planet's leaders, who seem to ignore his concerns. Ultimately, Kamin confronts a government official who privately admits to him that the government already knows this but wish to keep it a secret to avoid a panic.

The official points out to Kamin that they only just recently managed to successfully launch artificial satellites using primitive rockets: their race simply does not possess the technology level needed to evacuate even a small colony's worth of people before their planet is rendered uninhabitable.

Meanwhile, on board the Enterprise, the crew continues attempts to revive Picard. They try to block the influence of the probe, but this only makes Picard worse, leaving them no choice but to let it continue.

Years pass and Kamin grows old, outliving his wife. Kamin and his daughter Meribor continue their study of the drought. They find that it is not temporary; extinction of all life on the planet is inevitable. One day, while playing with his grandson, Kamin is summoned by his adult children to watch the launch of a rocket, which everyone seems to know about except him.

As he walks outside into the glaring sunlight, Kamin sees Eline and Batai, as young as when he first saw them. They explain that he has already seen the rocket, just before he came there. Knowing that the planet was doomed, the planet's leaders placed the memories of their culture into a probe and launched it into space, in the hope that it would find someone who could tell others about their species.

Picard then realizes the entire context: "Oh, it's me, isn't it?", he says, "I'm the someone...I'm the one it finds."

Picard wakes up on the bridge of the Enterprise to discover that only 25 minutes have passed. While he was unconscious, the crew of the Enterprise tracked the probe's course back to a scorched and desolate planet whose sun went nova 1,000 years earlier.

The now inactive probe is brought aboard the Enterprise and the crew finds a small box within it. A somber Riker gives the box to Picard who opens it to find Kamin's flute. Picard, now adept at the instrument, plays the melody he learned during his life as Kamin. (An even more detailed version)

The inner light 這個樂章,在第六季第十九集 Lessons 再出現過,Picard 認識到一位女船員 Lt. Nella Daren,工餘她愛彈琴常與 Picard 合奏了一曲,也因此合奏了 the inner light 共譜愛曲!

但上司與下屬關係,一個要下命令,一個要接受命令,就難免產生尷尬 。。。。

更不幸是有一次戰鬥任務,Picard 要派女友上戰場,生死攸關但也沒有辦法,唯有焦急等候她平安回來。兩個和 Picard 有感情的女人,Eline 和 Nella 都和 The Inner Light 樂章關連着。

The Inner Light orchestral music Plus Picard with Eline and Nella

最後,Nella 選擇調離 Enterprise,Captain Picard 這段愛情無疾而終!

In English

【維基百科】Picard is irritated that the stellar cartography department has shut down several systems on the Enterprise, and heads down there to find out what is going on. He meets the head of the department, Lt. Commander Nella Daren, who makes an impression on Picard.

It is a meeting memorable enough to later discuss with Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). At a musical recital by Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Picard is surprised to see Daren, once again, playing the piano. The two discuss music, and later meet in Picard's quarters and participate in a duet. Daren on a portable piano and Picard on his Ressikan flute.

The two meet more often; even in a Jefferies tube, which Daren claims has the best acoustics on the ship. In this private setting, their attraction for one another is expressed in a kiss. The moment of intimacy is fleeting, however. When they enter a turbolift, and are joined by another crewmember, Picard resumes the professional demeanour of Captain. The Enterprise is diverted from its mission, when it is directed to investigate a report of firestorms at a Federation outpost.

While in transit, Picard consults Counsellor Troi (Marina Sirtis) regarding his actions with Daren. Picard then goes to Daren to apologize and to explain. He recounts an earlier experience in which he was scanned by an alien probe (previously shown in the episode "The Inner Light").

The probe imparted to Picard the life experience of a man named Kamin, on the planet Kataan. As Kamin, Picard had a wife and family, became a grandfather, and grew old. And he learned to play the flute. The probe imparted to Picard a deep appreciation of intimacy and family life, as well as knowledge of the probe's doomed creators. When the probe shut down, and Picard re-awoke on the bridge of the Enterprise, only a few moments had elapsed. When the probe was dismantled, it contained Kamin's flute, an object of great significance to Picard.

Daren speaks to Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) requesting a transfer. Riker turns down the request. Afterwards, Riker speaks with Picard, explaining that Picard and Daren's relationship made the decision complicated.

The Enterprise arrives at the Federation outpost to find that firestorms are heading toward the facility. Daren suggests a means of deflecting the storms, but the equipment requires trained personnel on the ground to operate it. Daren is assigned to the surface team, along with a number of other crew.

The outpost is evacuated during the dangerous mission, leaving only the Enterprise away team on surface. The firestorms overwhelm the position that Daren's team occupies before they can be retrieved. Believing Daren to be dead, Picard sits contemplating his decision in his quarters. He then hears that survivors are being transported aboard, and heads to the transporter room.

Daren is not among the initial group of survivors, but is later transported to the ship. Eight members of the team have died. Afterwards, Picard and Daren discuss their relationship. They realize that it cannot continue, as Picard could not put her in danger once more. They discuss giving up their Starfleet careers to be together.

Daren then realizes that Picard, still cherishing the family life he experienced as Kamin, has nonetheless chosen duty, career, and loneliness. They both know that Daren must transfer off the Enterprise. They kiss once more, and Daren makes Picard promise not to give up music. (An even more detailed version


Last but not least,When the inner space meets the inner light,he falls in love with this Music and Melody!

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