「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Friday, October 25, 2013

諜戰小說迷 失去了 Tom Clancy

諜戰小說迷 失去了 Tom Clancy

談諜戰當然不是 梁朝偉 露蛋蛋 與 湯唯 裸胸露乳 果一壇嘢喇 。。。。。!

諜戰小說/ 電影有動作取勝的 Bourne Series 三部曲,由 麥迪文 經典示範,其後由替補上陣即時 PK咗!也有講文闘的諜戰 例如:靚佬 羅拔烈福 的 Three Days of the Condor 禿鷹七十二小時,至於 Tom Clancy 的諜戰小說,被搬上銀幕有:The Hunt for Red October,之後以 Jack Ryan 為主角的小說被改編成電影,但本來主演的 艾力寶雲 Alec Bladwan,換上了 福伯~ Harrison Ford 夏理遜福。

不過,在 The hunt for Red October 這位主角 Jack Ryan 並不是武官也非軍人,他只是負責研究的 CIA analyst,但卻在過程中被擺上前線,因此有一句他自嘲的說:because I am Expendable!

十月一日 創作 Jack Ryan 和 the hunt for Red October 的諜戰小說作家 Tom Clancy 突然去世,新聞說不知道死因 undisclosed illness,背後是諜戰?因為 Tom 竭力盡力搵料寫小說,搵過了頭 exceeded limitation,得到了一些資料關於美國不可告人之事,而被 CIA FBI homeland security 暗殺了???Clancy 的死期也巧合地選擇在 October 1st 紅色十月的第一天!

【維基百科】Thomas Leo "Tom" Clancy, Jr. (April 12, 1947 – October 1, 2013) was an American author and historian best known for his technically detailed espionage and military science storylines set during and in the aftermath of the Cold War, and for video games that bear his name for licensing and promotional purposes.

Seventeen of his novels were bestsellers, and more than 100 million copies of his books are in print. His name was also a brand for similar movie scripts written by ghost writers and non-fiction books on military subjects.

Clancy died on October 1, 2013, of an undisclosed illness at Johns Hopkins Hospital, near his Baltimore home.

Tom Clancy 成名作:

【維基百科】The Hunt for Red October is a 1990 thriller film based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name. It was directed by John McTiernan and stars Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius and Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan.

In 1984, Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius (Connery) commands Red October, a new vessel featuring a caterpillar drive rendering it undetectable to sonar. Ramius leaves port on orders to conduct exercises with the submarine V.K. Konovalov, commanded by his former student Captain Tupolev (Skarsgård).

Once at sea, Ramius kills political officer Ivan Putin (Firth), the only man aboard besides himself who knows the sub's orders. He then burns the orders, replaces them with counterfeit orders, and commands the crew to head toward America's east coast to conduct missile drills. The American submarine USS Dallas, on patrol in the North Atlantic, briefly detects Red October but loses contact once Ramius engages the silent drive.

The next morning, CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Baldwin) briefs government officials on the departure of Red October and the threat it poses. Officials in the briefing, learning that the Soviet Navy has been deployed to sink Red October, fear Ramius may plan an unauthorized strike against the United States. Ryan, however, hypothesizes that Ramius instead plans to defect, and leaves for the North Atlantic to prove his theory before the U.S. Navy is ordered to sink Red October.

Red October's caterpillar drive fails at sea and sabotage is suspected. No longer silent, the submarine comes under attack by Soviet forces and begins risky maneuvers through undersea canyons. Petty Officer Jones (Vance), a sonar technician aboard Dallas who has discovered a way to detect Red October, plots an intercept course. Ryan arranges a hazardous mid-ocean rendezvous to get aboard Dallas, where he attempts to persuade its captain, Commander Bart Mancuso (Glenn), to contact Ramius and determine his intentions.

The Soviet Ambassador, who earlier claimed that Red October was lost at sea and requested U.S. assistance in a rescue mission, at this point informs the U.S. that the sub is a renegade and asks for U.S. help to sink it. An order to do this is communicated to the U.S. Fleet, including Dallas. Mancuso is conflicted about whether he should follow his orders, but Ryan convinces him to make contact and offer to assist Ramius in his defection.

Ramius, stunned that the Americans correctly guessed his plan to defect, accepts their cooperation. He then stages a nuclear reactor emergency and orders the bulk of his crew to abandon ship, telling the doctor Petrov (Curry) that he and the other officers will scuttle the sub rather than let it be captured. Ramius submerges and Ryan, Mancuso, and Jones come aboard via a rescue sub, at which point Ramius requests asylum in the United States for himself and his officers.

Thinking their mission is complete, Red October's skeleton crew are surprised by a torpedo attack from Konovalov, which has followed them across the Atlantic. As the two Soviet subs maneuver, one of Red October's cooks, Loginov (Arana), an undercover GRU agent who has hidden himself on board, opens fire at the fire control, fatally wounding Ramius's first officer, Vasily Borodin (Neill) before retreating into the missile launch area, followed by Ramius and Ryan. Loginov shoots Ramius, wounding him, but Ryan shoots Loginov before he can detonate a missile and destroy the sub.

Meanwhile, with help from Dallas, Red October makes evasive maneuvers, causing Konovalov to be destroyed by one of its own torpedoes. The evacuated crew of Red October, about to be taken on board a U.S. Navy rescue ship, witness this explosion and, not knowing that there is a second Soviet sub, assume it was Red October that was sunk.

Their subterfuge complete, Ryan and Ramius sail Red October to the Penobscot River in Maine.

蘇聯的紅軍建造了一艘無聲的潛艇,所有聲納儀器沒法測出她的聲響,可以無聲無息的進入紐約港,然後發射核子飛彈,襲擊美國本土更內陸的軍事設施地區。不過 辛康納利 飾演的船長 Marko Ramius,決定變節投奔美國。

全蘇聯的艦艇出動攔阻追截 Red October,蘇聯的駐美大使更向美國說有位頭腦不清的船長,打算向美國發射導彈,請求美國艦艇幫助,先把 Red October 毀滅,防止新型的無聲潛艇落入美國人手中。 艾力寶雲 Jack Ryan 就是專門研究蘇聯將領的 analyst,他曾見過 Marko Ramius 幾面。

因此,Jack Ryan 被派去登上美國的潛艇 Dallas號,希望探測到他自己估計 Marko Ramius 的變節意圖,但另方面蘇聯的潛艇 Konovalov號 也及時趕到,必須把 Red October 擊沉防止外洩機密。而在 Konovalov號 的船長剛巧正是 Marko Ramius 的徒弟。

於是展開了臨尾 15分鐘高潮的蘇聯潛艇對陣,師傅徒弟兩人對決的潛艇攻防戰,所謂知徒莫若傅,師傅清楚明白徒弟的弱點,加上師傅必多留有一手未教曉徒弟,又加上美方的 Dallas號潛艇 從旁配合,是全片的精華所在 Submarine Combat Tactics War Game 博弈。結果,Konovalov號 反被自己發射的魚雷擊沉,令到觀眾由驚訝中回味無窮!

唯一 嗜悲 曾經反思,為何不是蘇聯 Konovalov號 打敗美艦隊完成任務呢?顯然因為是美國資本拍攝,所以歌頌美國的自由民主,高高舉起大美國主義優越感,蘇聯俄國人祈望投奔自由世界,結局才會是這樣吧!

純當作娛樂片,嗜悲 100% 推薦給喜歡看潛艇戰的朋友們,若未曾看過可以試試去買 DVD 觀看,或可留意澳門蓮花電視,看看幾時會重播 The Hunt for Red October,我每次都不會錯過翻看!

根據傳說有個蘇聯時代紅軍的 political officer 打算變節,而 Tom Clancy 就利用這個傳說資料,寫了 The Hunt for Red October 寫成小說,一舉成名並拍成電影。

有人把 U 571 港譯:U571風暴 與 The Hunt for Red October 港譯:追擊赤色十月 比較,嗜悲 剛巧兩部電影都曾看過,覺得簡直是差天共地矣。

嗜悲 點會去找 The Hunt for Red October 來看呢?因為 U571 宣傳說是與 red october 比美的潛艇電影,所以就去 HMV 找,竟然因為 U571 上映宣傳,影碟鋪由倉底挖返出來賣! 結果,嗜悲 認為 red october 比 U571 好睇幾百倍 。。。。這是意想不到的!

Tom Clancy 維基百科
The Hunt for Red October Novel) 維基百科
The Hunt for Red October (movie) 維基百科

Isn't it Ironic 諷刺:美國人需要俄羅斯的庇護


Anonymous said...

一個對軍方運作咁熟悉的人突然死亡,即使Post-mortem了依然是 Cause of death unknown, 想叫人不往陰謀論處想都幾難了。

the inner space said...

Vera,多些來訪起碼你曾讀過部份內容 。。。。哈哈哈哈哈 。。。。我都自認好長氣噚氣。

Tom Clancy 的死因因為私隱不能公佈固然弔詭!

近日,中國發生的一件掳人事件,長沙公安越境遞補廣州新快報記者,the whistle blower 竟然突然急轉彎,自己承認是收錢作謊言擾亂股票價格,並深切後悔和盤托出是自作孽,新快報又由敦促放人,變成自我批評 。。。。一連串的事件更令人相信更大的陰謀論!

他們一班 whistle blowers 可以突然有 180度改變,真的為他們的家人安危擔心擔憂!


Anonymous said...

我也有留意這新聞, 真係好恐怖好讓人心寒。而家的大陸社會只有你想不到的沒有不可能的,霸王硬上弓屈打成招的戲碼可以咁高調的上演,更恐怖是上面的既得利益獨裁者完全唔介意在世人前顯示它們的横蠻粗暴,正所謂的人至賤則無敵應該就是這樣,而所謂的司法制度只不過是擺設。

the inner space said...

Vera,conspiracy theory never die 陰謀論不息!

就像梁振英封口不談發牌事件,可讀讀 forever cheap 的文章如下:





案件可以由原訟庭打到上訴庭,再打到終審庭,把案件拖三年很容易 。。。。


陰謀論傳足三年,只要市民不忘記 。。。。

廣州《新快報》事件:越境驅捕警企聯手 vs 斂財捏造抹黑拷詐,會不會還有第三個版本呢?