「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Inner Light (The story)

The Inner Light (The story)

本來是長長一篇過談論 "The Inner Light " 的﹐但驚各位訓著﹐所以分開呢登﹐但有關 story 這 part 還是太長 。

上次談 Star Trek - The Next Generation 第125集 "The Inner Light " 聽到的音樂。

Starship Enterprise 遇到一個物體﹐發出一道能量﹐剛好射中太空船船長 Captain Picard. 他暈倒不醒人事﹐船上全人努力搶救﹐而Picard 的腦波﹐顯現他是清醒的﹐原來Picard 魂遊到了另一個 dimension!!!

Picard 在這次奇遇﹐學會了吹奏笛子﹐當他再醒過來後﹐他發覺在他靈魂出竅之時﹐所用過得笛子﹐就藏在那個不明物體裡面﹐Picard 不自覺的拿起笛子﹐再次吹奏出哀怨的melody, 再次跌進回憶裡。
Listen to The Inner Light (The music)

今次講故事﹐the story copied from "the next generation" 網頁, 是很長很長﹐嘗試過改短一些﹐但自己重讀後﹐覺得失了真﹐所以保留了下來。

Yes words words and words, the paragraphs are quite long to read, but trust me they are good, and really intriguing. Please don't forget to click at the YOUTUBE "The inner light" at the bottom to watch the clipping too , and

the story goes:
The Enterprise encounters an object: a probe of unknown and fairly primitive design, which quickly begins matching their course and speed. It initially seems nonthreatening, but soon emits a beam of nucleons. The shields go up, but it manages to break through the shields in a very narrow region, and Picard (The Captain of starship Enterprise) suddenly faints.

He blearily sees Riker (First Officer of starship Enterprise) holding him...and then Riker dissolves into a youngish woman with a careworn look on her face, who asks Picard if he's feeling better, referring to him as "Kamin". Picard initially believes he's stuck in a holodeck program and attempts to leave, but to no avail. Feeling trapped, he paces. "What is this place?" "This...is your home, of course."

Picard is taken aback; is he a prisoner? Of course he's not, as she makes clear; he's been feverish for over a week. She says he's still very weak and asks him not to go outside, which he promptly does. He finds himself in the middle of a small village, where a large and happy man has just finished planting a sapling in the courtyard, as an "affirmation of life" and a symbol of hope, despite the devastating drought. As the crowd moves on, Picard accosts this man, who also welcomes "Kamin" back to the land of the fit. Upon hearing Picard's questions, however, he comes to believe that Picard has amnesia. Picard, realizing he needs answers, decides to play along with this. He discovers that his name is Kamin; that the man with him is his friend and Council leader Batai; that the woman is his wife Eline; and that they're in the community of Ressic on the planet Kataan. He takes a walk, to "reacquaint himself with the surroundings", and wanders for hours, seeing a gleaming city far away.

He returns home to Eline, who tells him she's been worried sick. As she gets him some dinner ("It's delicious." "You always say that."), he asks her a number of questions. First, he intends to send a message the next day, though he's not sure to where. Then, with a little prompting, he begins asking about them. "We're...married?" "Three years ago. The happiest day of my life was the day we got married." He discovers that he's an ironweaver, though he prefers to play his flute (poorly). He thanks her for her help, and she takes his hand and asks him to come to bed. He demurs and attempts to make excuses, but she is insistent. He begins to rise, and then sees the charm she wears, which is identical in shape to the probe they encountered. When he demands to know where she got it, however, he discovers that it's the first gift he ever gave her. He watches it twirl...and Riker, on the bridge, calls to Sickbay for help, as Picard's body slips into a coma.

Bev (Doctor of Enterprise) arrives and does some scans, finding incredible neurotransmitter activity. They reason that the probe has somehow connected itself to him like a tether, and find that the beam is nigh unto unblockable at present. They can destroy the probe, but Bev strongly urges against that. They wait.

Five years pass on Kataan. Picard is looking through a telescope of his own construction, charting the sun's path to attempt to find the cause of the drought. Eline, however, believes he's still looking for that ship of his, and hurtly upbraids him for not paying attention to the life he has now. When, she asks, will she get him back? When will they start a family?

Batai interrupts to take "Kamin" to the Administrator's visit. The Administrator is somewhat unsympathetic and unctuous, but Picard seems to impress him somewhat. Regardless, his idea to build atmospheric condensers is quickly dismissed as costly and unworkable, and the Administrator leaves with no firm plan of action in hand (or even in mind). Picard broods, but Batai notes that it's the first time in years he's heard "Kamin" speak like a true member of the community again. They return to Picard's house for dinner.

Later that evening, Picard and Batai sit while Picard plays the flute. Eline gently tells Batai that it's time he went home, and then chides "Kamin" about leaving his shoes everywhere. The conversation quickly turns more serious, with Picard acknowledging her points of that day and apologizing for not being a better husband to her. He asks her permission to build something else. She points out that he didn't need her permission to build the telescope, or the laboratory, and he doesn't need it now, but he insists. He wants to build a nursery. "Really?" "Unless, of course, if you would prefer a porch; it would be much easier to build, and I could start on it right away-" He gets no further.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Geordi (Chief Engineer of Enterprise) launches a probe to follow the radioactive traces of the alien probe back to their source. Data (Second Officer of Enterprise) has figured out a likely way to disrupt the beam, and despite Bev's misgivings about the idea, Riker decides to do so.

Several years pass on Kataan. Kamin and Eline are holding the naming ceremony for their second child, named Batai for their late friend. After the formalities are concluded, they look at their daughter Meribor and note how fast she's grown. (Eline notes that she's accompanying Kamin all over the place, and is surely her father's daughter.) Kamin remarks that he once thought he never needed children, but that now he can't imagine life without them. Suddenly, he turns pale, shudders, and collapses. Eline calls for the doctor-

-and Bev and Ogawa (Doctor and Nurse of Enterprise) try frantically to stabilize Picard, but to no avail. With no choice, Data hastily manages to reestablish the beam, and Picard stabilizes.

Ten years or so later on Kataan, Meribor is in her late teens, and is turning into quite the scientist herself. She's continued her father's work on the drought, and has discovered that the soil is simply dead. She tries to voice the unspoken conclusion of her work, but Kamin tries to avoid it and change the subject. Eventually, however, she voices what he already knew: the planet is dying. He is saddened that she must bear this knowledge as well, but she bears it well. "I think I should marry Danek sooner rather than later, don't you?" "Seize the time, Meribor. Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again."

...And on the bridge, Geordi's managed to trace the probe's path back to its origin, a system called Kataan. Unfortunately, there are no inhabited planets there; the sun went nova and all life in that system died roughly a thousand years ago.

Several more years pass on Kataan. Eline comes out to see a very aged Kamin, still working on his telescope, and who urges Eline to lie down after her recent surgery. When they hear Batai playing the flute, she suggests Kamin talk to him, hinting that there are things that need to be said. Batai comes out to talk to them, and tells Kamin that he's leaving school to concentrate on his music. "This is the life I want." Kamin is initially aghast at this, but eventually comes around, telling Batai that they will "discuss" it later. He explains to a surprised Eline that he doesn't think he should stand in his son's way; and besides, he may not have much longer to lead his life anyway. Kamin notes that he'll be talking to the Administrator tomorrow and will possibly be expelled from the Council for his findings.

The next morning, he and the Administrator argue. At first, the Administrator simply refuses to listen, but he eventually tells Kamin in confidence that their scientists found the same conclusions roughly two years ago, but have kept it quiet to avoid starting a panic. A plan is currently underway to save some facet of the civilization, but more cannot be said at this time.

Suddenly, Batai comes running to Kamin; it's Eline. Kamin rushes home, but there's nothing that can be done. She asks Batai for a moment alone with Kamin, and is relieved to hear that he won't be thrown off the Council. "Remember...put your shoes away." "I promise." Eline dies, and a heartsick Kamin grieves over the body.

Years afterward, an extremely old Kamin is chasing after his grandson. Meribor and Batai come to take both of them to see "the launching." Kamin is initially not interested, but is talked into it. They head out to the courtyard, where Kamin sits on a bench at the outskirts. "What is it they're launching?"

"You know it, father. You've already seen it." "Seen it? What are you talking about? I haven't seen any missile." "Yes, you have, old friend. Don't you remember?"

Kamin turns, awestruck, to see his friend Batai again, as hale and hearty as he was in the prime of life.

"You saw it just before you came here. We hoped our probe would encounter someone in the future-someone who could be a teacher, someone who could tell the others about us."

"Oh...oh, it's me...isn't it? I'm the someone. I'm the one it finds. That's what this launching is-a probe that finds me in the future!"

"Yes, my love." This comes from Eline, now alive again and flush with the beauty of youth. "The rest of us have been gone a thousand years. If you remember what we were, and how we lived, then we'll have found life again."

"Eline..." He watches the missile lift off.

"Now, we live in you. Tell them of us...my darling..." Kamin stares...

...and Picard wakes up on the bridge of the Enterprise as the probe breaks contact and shuts down. He's initially very disoriented, but quickly reacquires at least a cursory knowledge of the situation. He discovers that he's only been unconscious for 20 or 25 minutes, and accompanies Bev to sickbay.

Some time later, Riker visits Picard in his ready room. As Picard gets used to the fact that this is once again his home, Riker hands him a small box they found inside the probe after they examined it. He leaves, and Picard opens the box, to find his flute. He cradles it to his breast, then softly plays it, as we see the ship fading off towards the stars.


This episode was being rated the most watchable among STAR TREK - The next generation total 7 seasons 177 episodes. Not only the story is very intriguing and touching, as a bonus I like the flute solo that Captain Picard used to play at the Planet Kataan too. The story also gave a warning to our planet earth about environmental conservation.

Click to see the clipping of "The Inner Light" with the theme music at the background.

初看 “The inner light" 時﹐只是被故事吸引﹐沒有記掛在心﹐很多年後﹐在海外旅途上﹐又給我看到﹐年紀大了﹐經歷多了﹐體會不同了﹐開始理解為何劇名名為"The inner light", 和太空船船長 Picard 為何﹐在結尾緊抱重新得到的笛子﹐再而吹奏一曲。之後終於給我有機會買到這一集的 VCD。

最近拿出來重看﹐又有多了一個奇想﹐如果可以好像Picard 一樣﹐只需幾十分鐘﹐就可以經歷幾十年的人生﹐是何等有趣﹐比看電影﹐比看書﹐更能代入﹐直程就是走進虛擬的世界裡﹐可以隨意利用科技﹐經歷不同的人生。

真實 vs 虛擬 的世界。。。。 可能我和大家是一同發著一個集體的夢﹐而離開這世界的才是夢醒的一群。

Listen to The Inner Light (The music)

後記: 記得另一部戲﹐Total Recall﹐人不用去外地旅遊﹐只要交費後﹐科技就把你帶進虛擬世界﹐週遊列國﹐或者經歷一次﹐有驚無險的歷險。

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aulina said...

space兄你真是star trek迷哦!


the inner space said...


歡迎光臨! 多謝捧場﹐咁鬼死長你都讀完

要求網友讀完全篇恐怕不太可能﹐ 我都是留番比自己讀多o的。

p.s. jfk 甘迺迪 總統是你貴親?

the inner space said...


Star Trek original, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock,
Dr. McCoy and Scottie 真的很舊 1966 至 1969﹐我都無看過﹐只是看過幾部Star Trek 電影 。

我現今所談的和引用的全都是Star Trek - the next generation 它共拍了 7季 177集﹐由1987 至 1994﹐ 最遠是距今20 年﹐最近只是 12年多一點。30+ 的香港仔 和 香港女 如果喜歡 science fiction 的應該有看過﹐我記得是在明珠臺播的﹐ 之後有沒有重播就不得而知。

我再看Star Trek - TNG 是去LA 和多倫多探親時看的﹐他們的CABLE TV 有個SPACE channel, 24小時都是播 science fiction 的, JET LAG 時一晚連續看幾集。

Cheers got to go back to work!!!

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好老實講畀你聽,不過講左唔好嬲喎!睇你D文章咁耐,有時有D真係覺得好長,唔係好想睇架。不過呢篇係因為你先將音樂喺前一篇介紹左,成功吸引左我,而且我都係Star Trek迷,所以咪睇晒囉。不過最重要係呢輪嘅心情問題,睇呢D好啱 feel!


jfk 係我"貴親"? 都好親架,佢排第六,我排廿一囉。^O^


the inner space said...

Jfk 的親戚 Juk:

如我在 【五師兄字】 所言“自己的博有冇人睇可不重要﹐是自己個人的“思想﹑思考﹑思念”和“所見﹑所聞﹑所做”的紀錄﹐如無必要﹐每天登一篇﹐反而寫博﹐是看有冇野需要紀錄低﹐有時一天寫上四篇﹐儲 o系“DRAFT”處﹐有時間性的先登。”




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嘩!!!嘩【五師兄字】D link 亂o左龍 唔好意思

應該是 【五師兄字】 之 "中 Blog 毒"

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The Inner Light的笛音實在很吸引,謝謝網主的介紹,真想看看這齣戲。


the inner space said...


" 留言多了,D虛榮感就會黎架喇" ....................

一個沒有內涵的小男人﹐顧名 "the inner space" !


the inner space said...


歡迎光臨! 並多謝你花了夥長時間﹐讀完整個story。

很抱歉記憶中沒有《芳心之罪》﹐不能和一和你﹐有沒有英文名可以提供﹐ help me to ring the bell?

曾經見過在香港某DVD店舖﹐有STAR TREK -TNG 出售 ﹐可以去找找。

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the inner space said...

ok found it

片名: 芳心之罪 1986

英文名: Crimes of the Heart 1986

Diane Keaton
Jessica Lange
Sissy Spacek

三位實力派的女星﹐謝謝 ANN﹐ 會留意去找找!!!

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The Inner Space said...

Hey!!! if you just viewing the clipping without reading the story lines, you are missing something, i.e. incomplete!

微豆 Haricot said...

I read the whole story which is most interesting !! Thx !!

the inner space said...

Hari 兄:
Thank you for your patience !
I knew it was long but it was interesting worth the efforts;can you still viewing Star Trek TNG in canada tv network occasionally?

the inner space said...

唔再寫 blog 雖然 攞攞孿
不要過讀到 十大熱門
竟然 the inner light (story)
於是重讀一遍 再讀埋啲 留言

恍如隔世 但卻又是暖暖的 。。。。。。