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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

MIld inflation stimulates economic growth

MIld inflation stimulates economic growth

經濟蓬勃的 cost push and demand pull 引發通漲 inflation,輕微的通漲連鎖帶起經濟增長,mild inflation stimulates economic growth,是 經濟學 economics 的 fundamental basic theory 基本理論。

【維基百科】Abenomics is a set of policy measures meant to resolve Japan's macroeconomic problems. It consists of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economic growth strategies to encourage private investment.

Specific policies include inflation targeting at a 2% annual rate, correction of the excessive yen appreciation, setting negative interest rates, radical quantitative easing, expansion of public investment, buying operations of construction bonds by Bank of Japan (BOJ), and revision of the Bank of Japan Act.

Fiscal spending will increase by 2% of GDP, likely raising the deficit to 11.5% of GDP for 2013.

In 2012, the National Diet passed the bill to increase the consumption tax rate to 8% in 2014 and 10% in 2015 to balance the national budget, and it is expected that the tax hike will discourage consumption.

In 1997 the consumption tax was increased from 3% to 5%, and then deflation started; the nominal GDP growth rate was below zero for most of the 5 years after the tax hike. As of May 2013, it has achieved the depreciation of the yen to 102 yen to a dollar, which was stagnating around 80 in 2012.

Also, according to a survey carried out by Nikkei Newspaper in Japan, 74% of the respondents praised the policy in alleviating Japan from the prolonged recession.


「安倍經濟學」的日語名稱是由「安倍」(Abe)和「經濟學」 (economics)的造語而來。雖然此一名詞在2012年 11月開始廣泛使用,但 2006年時的第一次安倍內閣時,自由民主黨幹事長中川秀直就曾使用此稱呼。

為了擺脫日本的經濟通縮,安倍經濟學設立通貨膨脹目標制度﹝inflation targeting﹞,修改日本銀行法的方法,推行大膽的寬鬆貨幣政策。

Abenomics 維基百科
安倍經濟學 維基百科

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