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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Friday, December 02, 2011



希拉莉 與 昂山 會面時同樣紮起頭髮


而希拉莉女士則把Ω新髮型暫時收起,於會見 昂山蘇姬 時也把頭髮紮了起來,以表示支持昂山蘇姬?這我不知這!

不過近來香港的“馬尾” pony tail 熱,卻因為《那些年》內 陳妍希 的紮馬尾,引起了話題!


laulong said...


the inner space said...

女生紥馬尾,好看!不過 男生都有紮馬尾,美不美要睇睇正面 。。。。是男還是女!哈哈哈!

Ebenezer said...


the inner space said...

Well 以便兄,我沒有看過《那些年。。。。》故此未能作出比較!