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「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Sunday, July 17, 2011



【維基百科】The Sea organ is an architectural object located in Zadar, Croatia and an experimental musical instrument which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.

The waves create somewhat random but harmonic sounds. The device was made by the architect Nikola Bašić as part of the project to redesign the new city coast (Nova riva), and the site was opened to the public on 15 April 2005.

看過聽過了很多段“你喉”Zadar Sea Organ 的影片,卻沒有一段是巨風巨浪時演奏的樂章,翻查 Zadar 的記載,不知是否一有大風浪,這個海風琴裝置,就會自動關閉閘門,保護內面的風琴 windpipes,所以沒法聽到澎湃的樂章!

Zadar 扎達爾 面臨 阿德里亞海,她還有兩個著名景點,就是她的日落,是曾經被緊張大師 希治閣 欣賞,並批評是世界上其中一個最美的日落點。而入黑後 Zadar 就有一個靠白天儲蓄太陽能的 Electric Light Show。

Zadar sea organ 扎達爾 的 海風琴 維基百科
More music from the Sea Organ of Zadar Youtube



嘿嘿 said...


Haricot 微豆 said...

Neat !!!

Now, those sounds/music represent what our human ears can hear. I wonder what the ocean would sound like to whales and other creatures that have very different auditory perceptions.

the inner space said...

sure 嘿嘿兄,淨是聽潮聲浪聲,也已經很有節奏感!

the inner space said...

HBB,Well there are Tide Organ at Blackpool England and Wave Organ at San Francisco near goldengate bridge。

Human ears have limitation 人受到本身的局限,we could only hear a limited wavelength and said the deep ocean is silent same from the outer space。

Did you still remember Jodie Foster‘s movie “Contact”? I replayed the DVD last weekend and am going to write an article。

Haricot 微豆 said...

I saw "Contact" many years ago in the cinema. Look forward to reading your article.

the inner space said...

HBB my first viewing of “Contact” probably on TV free movie channel!