「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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敬請參與在右下方的不記名訪客分佈調查問卷,你是: ?

Friday, October 23, 2015



得到 Human Resources 的 靚姐姐 提醒,嗜悲 還有 2天是兩年前累積下來的例假,因為還未有使用,若不放假就會慘被 forfeited 一筆勾銷,於是 嗜悲 趁 九月初九 重陽節 假期,由週六開始有連續的五天 long weekend 長週末。


週一早上遂有機會,去裝修過後的 心心 Take-Eat-Easy,吃了一個 weekday 週中的中式早餐:粥 + 炒麵 + 咖啡。

去年 4月 19日 寫的舊文:良方 it works on me!嗜悲 腸胃 對 粥 + 炒麵 + 咖啡 能產生的特別 chemistry,有助情理腸胃暢快非常 。。。。。云云!



炒麵 則會加入一整包紅辣椒醬,用筷子撈得十分之均勻。至於 咖啡 也和粥同樣道理,嗜悲 覺得 ”心心“ 的即磨香濃咖啡,過份太過濃郁超過了個人標準,所以要加入熱開水浠淅,一杯變成兩杯,而且也是不用落糖,這才覺得剛剛好。

初時 嗜悲 只是為了 慳錢填飽肚子,不過經過幾次剛巧遇著剛剛,就是這個 combination 組合 和 這個 quantity 份量的:粥 + 炒麵 + 咖啡 ,在不到半小時後效果就會出現了。是有需要到 ”洗手間 開大”,暢通無阻,一卸千里,十分舒暢,暢快無比。

去年 4月這個中式早餐賣 23元正,因 嗜悲 備有 減價贈劵 coupon 可以減回 2元,實際付款 21元正。經過年半時間和裝修靚個吃餐環境,這個 粥 + 炒麵 + 咖啡 早餐售賣 26元正,除去減價贈劵 coupon 可以減收 2元,實際付款 24元正,加價 14.3% absolute value 3元正。

首先之前 嗜悲 在週末早上,都有去過吃這款早餐,但週中 weekday 因為要上班就沒有機會了,曾在另一 舊文 提過,裝修後的 心心 除了改了個新名,但是內部新設計出現塞人 。。。。。云云!

【舊文】經過改裝後,心心 內部的新設計是把購票售票收銀處,與出品派餐口的位置,和水吧位置由左至右,連成同一個長 counter 一列過,意念是甚好的。若三個不同單位,都是同樣流程暢順,人流一路往同一方移動,但實際上卻有頗大的出入。

由於這個長 counter 必需要連著廚房,方便傳出烹調好的出品,整個組群選址卻是在整個舖位的中心地帶(可能受建築制約),由大門口到長 counter 前,是幾列顧客吃餐座位,過了中心長 counter 及廚房,再入又再是顧客吃餐座位位置。

只要 售票部 出品派餐部 派飲品部 個別位置,慢了遲了就開始造成塞人,其他部份員工卻只可以在空等待。而顧客就出現塞人,由中心地帶一路塞返到出到大門口。甚至連坐在最內面吃完餐的顧客,若選擇由大門口離開,也要費時經過中心地帶人群,才返行出大門口。

週一早上,嗜悲 等到過了九時前的繁忙時段,約十時許抵達 心心,卻未能看到繁忙時段有沒有發生塞人情況。因為人流降低後 心心 的新裝修設計,于非繁忙時段真的做到,由 售票 取餐 取飲品 一路可以遁 long counter 長櫃檯向右移動,員工與顧客順利流水式互動,發揮得到十足功用。

至於 嗜悲 腸胃 對 粥 + 炒麵 + 咖啡 能產生的特別 chemistry,在不到半小時後效果就會出現了。是有需要到 ”洗手間 開大”,暢通無阻,一卸千里,十分舒暢,暢快無比。

這良方再次得到再次驗證 it works on me!

良方 it works on me!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Je t'aime Papa

Je t'aime Papa I love you Papa

千禧年的九月十月交替, 嗜悲 又去了北美自駕遊,碰上 Pierre Elliot Trudeau 杜魯多 的 state funeral 國葬葬禮,在電視上直播 。。。。。

Pierre Elliot Trudeau state funeral Justin Trudeau's Eulogy

Justin Trudeau's eulogy given at the funeral for his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former prime minister of Canada.

Trudeau died on September 28, 2000, and is buried in the Trudeau family crypt, St-Remi-de-Napierville Cemetery, Saint-Remi, Quebec.

He is survived by his ex-wife Margaret, his sons Justin Trudeau and Alexandre "Sacha" Trudeau, and his daughter, Sarah, whom he fathered with Deborah Coyne.

Justin Trudeau Justin Trudeau's Eulogy for his late father.

Friends, Romans, countrymen . . .

I was about six years old when I went on my first official trip. I was going with my father and my grandpa Sinclair up to the North Pole.

It was a very glamorous destination. But the best thing about it is that I was going to be spending lots of time with my dad because in Ottawa he just worked so hard.

One day, we were in Alert, Canada's northernmost point, a scientific military installation that seemed to consist entirely of low shed-like buildings and warehouses.

Let's be honest. I was six. There were no brothers around to play with and I was getting a little bored because dad still somehow had a lot of work to do.

I remember a frozen, windswept Arctic afternoon when I was bundled up into a Jeep and hustled out on a special top-secret mission. I figured I was finally going to be let in on the reason of this high-security Arctic base.

I was exactly right.

We drove slowly through and past the buildings, all of them very grey and windy. We rounded a corner and came upon a red one. We stopped. I got out of the Jeep and started to crunch across towards the front door. I was told, no, to the window.

So I clamboured over the snowbank, was boosted up to the window, rubbed my sleeve against the frosty glass to see inside and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I saw a figure, hunched over one of many worktables that seemed very cluttered. He was wearing a red suit with that furry white trim.

And that's when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The very words convey so many things to so many people. Statesman, intellectual, professor, adversary, outdoorsman, lawyer, journalist, author, prime minister.

But more than anything, to me, he was dad.

And what a dad. He loved us with the passion and the devotion that encompassed his life. He taught us to believe in ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, to know ourselves and to accept responsibility for ourselves.

We knew we were the luckiest kids in the world. And we had done nothing to actually deserve it.

It was instead something that we would have to spend the rest of our lives to work very hard to live up to.

He gave us a lot of tools. We were taught to take nothing for granted. He doted on us but didn't indulge.

Many people say he didn't suffer fools gladly, but I'll have you know he had infinite patience with us.

He encouraged us to push ourselves, to test limits, to challenge anyone and anything.

There were certain basic principles that could never be compromised.

As I guess it is for most kids, in Grade 3, it was always a real treat to visit my dad at work.

As on previous visits this particular occasion included a lunch at the parliamentary restaurant which always seemed to be terribly important and full of serious people that I didn't recognize.

But at eight, I was becoming politically aware. And I recognized one whom I knew to be one of my father's chief rivals.

Thinking of pleasing my father, I told a joke about him -- a generic, silly little grade school thing.

My father looked at me sternly with that look I would learn to know so well, and said: `Justin, Never attack the individual. We can be in total disagreement with someone without denigrating them as a consequence.'

Saying that, he stood up and took me by the hand and brought me over to introduce me to this man. He was a nice man who was eating there with his daughter, a nice-looking blond girl a little younger than I was.

He spoke to me in a friendly manner for a bit and it was at that point that I understood that having opinions that are different from those of another does not preclude one being deserving of respect as an individual.

Because simple tolerance, mere tolerance, is not enough. We need genuine and deep respect for each and every human being not-withstanding their thoughts, their values, their beliefs, their origins. Thatâs what my father demanded of his sons and thatâs what he demanded of his country.

He demanded this out of a sense of love: love of his sons, love of his country and that's why we love him so. And it's for this that we so love the letters, the flowers, the dignity of the crowds, and we say to him, farewell.

All that to thank him for having loved us so much.

My father's fundamental belief never came from a textbook. It stemmed from his deep love for and faith in all Canadians and over the past few days, with every card, every rose, every tear, every wave and every pirouette, you returned his love.

It means the world to Sacha and me.

Thank you.

We have gathered from coast to coast to coast, from one ocean to another, united in our grief, to say goodbye.

But this is not the end. He left politics in '84. But he came back for Meech. He came back for Charlottetown. He came back to remind us of who we are and what we're all capable of.

But he won't be coming back anymore. It's all up to us, all of us, now.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. He has kept his promises and earned his sleep.

Je t'aime Papa.

一代名尚相 杜魯多,曾經帶領 加拿大 16年(1968 - 1984)之久,2000年 9月 28日 與世長辭!

國葬 於 滿地何市 聖母院大教堂 state funeral was held at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal,兒子 小杜魯多 Justin 宣讀悼詞。稚嫰的面孔加上沙啞聲音,整篇悼詞 嗜悲 只記得 結語:

Je t'aime Papa

I love you Papa

十五年後的 2015年 10月, 小杜魯多 登上 加拿大 總理/ 首相 (prime minister)之位,繼續 杜魯多 時代,相信也是很多 加拿大 人期盼著的, 另一個黃金時代來臨。

2015年 10月 19日 加拿大 舉行全國大選,決定 338個國會議席新主人,結果 自由黨大勝,可以組成多數派政府,而黨魁 小杜魯多 以 43歲之年登上 加拿大 總理/ 首相 之位 (prime minister)。


liberals 自由黨 184

conservatives 保守黨 99

new democrates 新民主黨 44

bloc quebecois 魁人黨 10

greens 綠黨 1

人口最稠密的 南安達大略省 多倫多地區, 更是一遍全紅,只剩下兩片 孤單的 藍色。基本上所有省份都會主要城市都轉紅,除了保守黨 哈帕 故鄉 根據地,Alberta 阿爾伯特省 幾附是全藍外,只少數紅色和橙色出現在最大城市:卡爾加里 和 埃德蒙頓。


小杜魯多勝利演說 Justin Trudeau's victory speech from Montreal

Justin Trudeau: 'I will be the prime minister of all Canadians'



liberals 自由黨 184席 實得 39.5%總投票

conservatives 保守黨 99席 實得 31.9%總投票

new democrates 新民主黨 44席 實得 19.7%總投票

bloc quebecois 魁人黨 10席 實得 4.7%總投票

greens 綠黨 1席  實得 3.5%總投票

自由黨 其實只得 39.5%總投票,卻取得國會 338個議席中的 184個議席,成為最大黨可以上台執政,並且捧了 小杜魯多 成為 總理/ 首相(prime minister),實際全加拿大有參加今次投票的選民,多過 60% 不選 liberal 的議員,這就是遊戲規則,保守黨的 哈帕 乖乖宣布 conceded 認輸!

小杜魯多 Justin 成為 總理/首相,多少是靠父蔭,多少靠個人能力,還有他後生靚仔可以吸引年輕選民,而老一輩人民則記得 杜魯多 的好處,再加上 Justin 的一句:Je t'aime Papa (I love you Papa),打動了多少人心呢? 今次 Justin 應該講多幾次 Je t'aime Papa !!!


Federal election results 2015

【CBC】Justin Trudeau's Liberals to form majority government

Justin Trudeau's Liberals won a decisive majority government, capturing 184 seats.

The Conservatives, who were seeking their fourth consecutive mandate, will now form the Official Opposition.

Find detailed ridings results in our map, see where each party gained and lost support and view the demographic split by party and riding.

A total of 88 women were sent to House, see how the vote splits by party. And, track the Liberals surge in the polls over the course of this 78-day campaign.

UPDATED: Oct. 20, 2015, 4:30 AM EST


寫好之後再上網,見到 CBC 最 final statistics,席位數字沒改變,只是將 得票率 改成 得議席率,liberals 自由黨 的 總得票 僅僅 39.5% 卻拿走超過 54.4% 的議席 。。。。。。不過總數有 88位女士進入國會!!!

又 明報 報導:

終結保守黨不9年執政 自由黨奪多數議席 杜魯多成加拿大第二年輕總理

加拿大國會大選投票結束,由杜魯多(Justin Trudeau)領導的自由黨,獲得歷史性勝利,終結總理哈珀(Stephen Harper)領導保守黨的9年執政,成為國會第一大黨。

43歲的自由黨黨魁杜魯多,是前加拿大總理老杜魯多(Pierre Trudeau)之子。雖然選情最初不被看好,但他後來逐漸居上,成為史上第二年輕的加拿大總理,帶領自由黨取得國會多數,拿下國會 338席中過半席。



明報 另一則報導:

身材健美、拳擊能手 「萬人迷」杜魯多好玩得 曾跳「脫衣舞」籌款

【明報專訊】加拿大自由黨在國會大選中奪得大多數議席,43歲的黨魁杜魯多(Justin Trudeau)將出任總理。


杜魯多在2008年成為議員之前,曾試過任職教師、工程師和笨豬跳教練,更曾出演電影。在2012年又曾參加慈善拳擊賽,與時任保守黨議員布拉佐(Patrick Brazeau)對戰,3個回合均「完勝」對方;而在事前的宣傳,他赤裸上身磅重也向人展示了其健美身材,相信是唯一能與俄羅斯總統普京匹敵的領袖。



且看 小杜魯多 的蜜月期有多長? 選民要改變是時不用等大下次大選,黨內逼宮轉換黨魁便可。況且自由黨內眾位大佬們虎視擔擔,今次先利用 小杜魯多 勝出大選,然後再換黨魁 便可以過橋抽板 。。。。。。!


11月 4日 小杜魯多 宣誓就職 他的 31名閣員如下:

總理 杜魯多(Justin Trudeau)﹐兼任 政府事務及青年部長﹔

公安部長 葛代爾(Ralph Goodale)﹔

農業及農糧部長 麥考利(Lawrence MacAulay)﹔

外交部長 狄安(Stephane Dion)﹔

移民部長 麥家廉(John McCallum)﹔

原住民及北部事務部長 貝內特(Carolyn Bennett)﹔

庫務委員會主席 布里森(Scott Brison)﹔

眾議院政府領袖 勒布朗(Dominic LeBlanc)﹔

創新﹑科學及經濟發展部長 貝恩斯(Navdeep Singh Bains)﹔

財政部長 莫奈(Bill Morneau)﹔

司法部長﹑加拿大檢察總長 王州迪(Jody Wilson-Raybould)﹔

政府服務部長 富特(Judy Foote)﹔

國際貿易部長 方慧蘭(Chrystia Freeland)﹔

衛生部長 費普真(Jane Philpott)﹔

家庭﹑兒童及社會發展部長 杜克洛(Jean-Yves Duclos)﹔

運輸部長 蓋諾(Marc Garneau)﹔

國際發展部長 比博(Marie-Claude Bibeau)﹔

自然資源部長 卡爾(James Carr)﹔

加拿大傳統部長 祖莉(Melanie Joly)﹔

稅務部長 勒布蒂耶(Diane Lebouthillier)﹔

原住民事務部長 赫爾(Kent Hehr)﹔

環境及氣候變化部長 麥克納(Catherine McKenna)﹔

國防部長 石俊(Harjit Sajjan)﹔

就業部長 米海查克(MaryAnn Mihychuk)﹔

基建部長 索希(Amarjeet Sohi)﹔

民主建制部長 穆瑟夫(Maryam Monsef)﹔

體育事務部長 夸爾特羅(Carla Qualtrough)﹔

漁業部長 圖圖(Hunter Tootoo)﹔

科學部長 鄧肯(Kirsty Duncan)﹔

婦女地位部長 哈吉杜(Patricia Hajdu)﹔

小型企業部長 查格(Bardish Chagger)

in English:

The full list of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new 31-member cabinet, in order of precedence, being sworn in at Rideau Hall in Ottawa (with their province in parenthesis):

Justin Trudeau (Quebec) - Prime Minister, Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth.

Ralph Goodale (Saskatchewan) - Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Lawrence MacAulay (P.E.I.) - Agriculture and Agri-Food.

Stéphane Dion (Quebec) - Foreign Affairs.

John McCallum (Ontario) - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

Carolyn Bennett (Ontario) - Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Scott Brison (Nova Scotia) - Treasury Board President.

Dominic Leblanc (New Brunswick) - Leader of the Government in the House of Commons.

Navdeep Bains (Ontario) - Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

Bill Morneau (Ontario) - Finance.

Jody Wilson-Raybould (B.C.) - Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

Judy Foote (Newfoundland and Labrador) - Public Services and Procurement.

Chrystia Freeland (Ontario) - International Trade.
Jane Philpott (Ontario) - Health.

Jean-Yves Duclos (Quebec) - Families, Children and Social Development.

Marc Garneau (Quebec) - Transport.

Marie-Claude Bibeau (Quebec) - International Development and La francophonie.

Jim Carr (Manitoba) - Natural Resources.

Mélanie Joly (Quebec) - Heritage.

Diane Lebouthillier (Quebec) - National Revenue.

Kent Hehr (Alberta) - Veterans Affairs, and Associate Minister of National Defence.

Catherine McKenna (Ontario) - Environment and Climate Change.

Harjit Sajjan (B.C.) - National Defence.

MaryAnn Mihychuk (Manitoba) - Employment Workforce Development and Labour.

Amarjeet Sohi (Alberta) - Infrastructure and Communities.

Maryam Monsef (Ontario) - Democratic Institutions.

Carla Qualtrough (B.C.) - Sport, and Persons with Disabilities.

Hunter Tootoo (Nunavut) - Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coast Guard.

Kirsty Duncan (Ontario) - Science.

Patricia Hajdu (Ontario) - Status of Women.

Bardish Chagger (Ontario) - Small Business and Tourism.

Justin Trudeau's Eulogy for his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau clevernet.net
CBC 2015 election Canada CBC.ca
CBC 2015 election Canada (final) CBC.ca
自由黨奪多數議席 杜魯多成加拿大第二年輕總理 明報新聞網
「萬人迷」杜魯多好玩得 明報新聞網
Full list of Justin Trudeau's cabinet cbc.ca

我的政治 101.2
橙黨 加拿大 NDP 新民主黨
美國的選舉人票 ~ 通吃制

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Monday, October 19, 2015



中詞日曲 有很多例子 。。。。。。上次介紹了 Leslie 張國榮 改編 吉川晃司 的 モニカ Monica!


唱: 近藤真彦
作詞: 大津あきら
作曲・編曲: 馬飼野康二

あばよ”と この手も振らずに

しみるのは 憧れた梦さえ

あの顷と同じ 夕焼け空
あぁ春夏秋 。。。。と

この都会 谁れを迎い入れ
俺の目が 好きと言ったのに
何が宝と言えば 。。。。


夕焼け空 土下座したいほど
あぁ春夏秋 。。。。も

空を见上げ 歩け
あの顷と同じ 夕焼け空
あぁ春夏秋 。。。。と

あの顷と同じ 夕焼け空
あぁ春夏秋 。。。。も

發覺原來是中佬 近藤真彥 的舊歌,老餅如 嗜悲 懂小小日文,可以跟著 Matchy  一起唱日文原版 夕焼けの歌 !!!

Matchy san (近藤真彥)與 Akina san (中森明菜)傳過緋聞,仲喺似層層談婚論嫁個隻,但是另一個版本是與 香港的 梅艷芳 一段霧水情緣。

Matchy  出名爛滾兼到處留情,中森明菜 斬纜後屢傳自殺,事業一落千丈,每次復出都是曇花一現,Akina san 只是吃老本, 從未能重振昔日風光。

這首 夕焼けの歌 中詞日曲 有 陳慧嫻 的 千千闕歌

還有 Matchy  san 近藤真彥 其中一位緋聞女友,香港 的 梅艷芳 唱的 夕陽之歌,與原曲 夕焼けの歌 最貼近 。。。。。


中森明菜 唔死得後,淡出樂壇但還未完全隱退,繼年初的 「Rojo -Tierra-(ロホ ティエラ)」,9月 30日又有新曲「Unfixable」可(可譯作:再生不能)推出。不過紅顏不再 名菜 都已經入五,65年生的 Akina san 已經五十歲矣 。。。。。!

懷念 鄧麗君
鄧麗君 日本的演歌
モニカ Monica

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