「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

出歐入歐 Brexit Turenter

出歐入歐 Brexit Turenter

首先 向 迷你倉大火 殉職 高級消防隊長 張耀升 致敬 RIP 。。。。!!!
並向 隔天於救火行動中蒙難 隊目 許志傑 致敬 RIP 。。。。!!!

623 June twenty third,是 英國 referendum 公投 是否接納 Cameron 卡梅倫 與 歐盟,去年底至今年 2月間達成的協議。

其實始末,是 英國 先企圖以 出歐/脫歐 作為籌碼,而向 European Union (EU)歐盟 尋求更多自主,卡梅倫 威脅 要 出歐/ 脫歐 即是退出 EU 歐盟,於是在連任後便與 歐盟 各國領袖,在 Brussels 布魯塞爾 舉行 馬拉松會議。

結果在 2016年 2月 20日 達成協議後,卡梅倫 唔想自己和內閣揹飛,立即便把協議交給英國選民作出抉擇,6月 23日 公投決定受定唔受。

【維基百科】In January 2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron promised that, should his Conservative Party win a parliamentary majority at the 2015 general election, the UK Government would negotiate more favourable arrangements for continuing British membership of the EU, before holding a referendum as to whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU. In May 2013, the Conservative Party published a draft EU Referendum Bill and outlined their plans for renegotiation and then an In-Out vote if returned to office in 2015.

When the Conservative Party won the majority of seats in the House of Commons in the May 2015 general election, Cameron reiterated his party's manifesto commitment to hold an In-Out referendum on UK membership of the EU by the end of 2017, but only after "negotiating a new settlement for Britain in the EU".

In early 2014, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, outlined the changes he aimed to bring about in the EU and in the UK's relationship with it.

These were: additional immigration controls, especially for new EU members; tougher immigration rules for present EU citizens; new powers for national parliaments collectively to veto proposed EU laws; new free trade agreements and a reduction in bureaucracy for businesses; a lessening of the influence of the European Court of Human Rights on UK police and courts; more power for individual member states and less for the central EU; and abandoning the EU notion of "ever closer union". He intended to bring these about during a series of negotiations with other EU leaders and then, if re-elected, to announce a referendum.

In November that year, Cameron gave an update on the negotiations and further details of his aims. The key demands made of the EU were: on economic governance, to recognise officially that Eurozone laws would not necessarily apply to non-Eurozone EU members and the latter would not have to bail out troubled Eurozone economies; on competitiveness, to expand the single market and to set a target for the reduction of bureaucracy for businesses; on sovereignty, for the UK to be legally exempted from "ever closer union" and for national parliaments to be able collectively to veto proposed EU laws; and, on immigration, for EU citizens going to the UK for work to be unable to claim social housing or in-work benefits until they had worked there for four years and for them to be unable to send child benefit payments overseas.

The outcome of the renegotiations was announced on February 20m,2016. There was no fundamental change to the EU–UK relationship. Some limits to in-work benefits for EU immigrants were agreed, but these would apply on a sliding scale for four years and be for new immigrants only; before they could be applied, a country would have to get permission from the European Council. Child benefit payments could still be made overseas, but these would be linked to the cost of living in the other country. On sovereignty, the UK was reassured that it would not be required to participate in "ever closer union"; these reassurances were "in line with existing EU law".

Cameron's demand to allow national parliaments to veto proposed EU laws was modified to allow national parliaments collectively to object to proposed EU laws, in which case the European Council would reconsider the proposal before itself deciding what to do. On economic governance, anti-discrimination regulations for non-Eurozone members would be reinforced, but they would be unable to veto any legislation. The final two areas covered were proposals to "exclude from the scope of free movement rights, third country nationals who had no prior lawful residence in a Member State before marrying a Union citizen" and to make it easier for member states to deport EU nationals for public policy or public security reasons. The extent to which the various parts of the agreement would be legally binding is complex; no part of the agreement itself changed EU law, but some parts could be enforceable in international law.


究竟是否真的,其實雙方都是靠估靠嚇,不過臨近 referendum 公投,新舊 London Mayor 倫敦市長:Sadiq Khan 新 vs Boris Johnson 舊 各為主辯,6 個人剛巧分成兩派 在 BBC 的節目中,作出 Brexit 大辯論。

有冇咁有耐心聽足差不多過 120分鐘 2 小時多的 激辯 呢??? 還有 嗜悲 利用 Google search 谷歌搜尋 找到 各大傳媒的 有關:Boris Johnson vs Sadiq Khan in the BBC Brexit Debate 有興趣者,可以 click 入去閱讀。

英國夏令時間與香港相差 8小時,投票完畢後點票需時,恐怕要等到週五的香港時間正午到下午,才會有初步結果!

嗜悲 是支持英國 出歐/ 脫歐 的(理由不贅矣),但估計結果會是 英國 繼續留在 EU 歐盟,享受既得的更高自主,或許等多幾年每隔幾年又玩多次,爭取多些利益少些義務。

Britain 英國 玩嘢設有 出歐/ 脫歐 彈弓手,但是 Turkey 土耳其 卻提出申請 入歐,土耳其 更不惜與 歐盟 達成協議,容許 歐盟 退回已經進入 歐盟國家 的難民,按一定的規則機制送回 經濟難民 返 土耳其,但會交換同一數目滯留在土耳其的 真正/政治 難民(照我理解 correct me IF I were wrong)。

不過事情會更複雜,一旦英國公投 留歐,又土耳其被接納 入歐,土耳其 已收留的 敘利亞 北非 政治難民,甚至 南亞 經濟難民 (過多幾年就難以分辯),極可能可以在幾年後就符合有資格,根據 歐盟 的 free migration 自由移民協議,順理成章依足根據程序進入英國。

過一段時間據以上片段,英國 可能要承受約每年 100,000 十萬名,本來滯留在 土耳其 的 敘利亞 的 北非 政治難民,和 南亞 的 經濟難民(總之由土耳其輸出) 。。。。今次公投 留歐 可能帶來以後的無窮無盡麻煩,可惜政客們一向短視過咗海就是神仙,英國人必要 三思 三思 再 三思!!!


Jo Cox was stabbed and shot she died because of her political view

CNN coverage about Jo Cox

Comment from her husband Brandon Cox

Tribute from another MP at the Parliament

First blood from the referendum 公投 出歐/脫歐/留歐 第一滴血!!!


623 公投 referendum 倫敦地區,遭遇到滂沱大雨,票站需要暫時停運。

週五香港時間中午 12:30

超過 92%開票結果,出歐/脫歐 領先 3個百分點 1百多萬票,看來已經是既成事實,不可逆轉的結果。

參看 BBC 的 The UK's EU referendum live report

照 BBC 數字,只剩下 13個區未有結果,脫歐派已經全勝無疑,剛剛又 update 只有 8個地區未有結果,勢不能翻盤矣!!!

留歐 與 出歐 的分佈圖

不用多說圖解,略對英國地理有認識者,今次 公投 referendum 留歐/ 出歐 這也是城鄉兩者之爭。而 蘇格蘭 全屬 留歐,顯示 蘇格蘭 要求獨立的意向,下一次可以速成 蘇格蘭 independence referendum 獨立公投!!!

週五下午 2:00 塵埃落定 英國歐盟去留公投大局已定:


脫歐派獲得 17,410,742票,超過任何一派取得公投勝利所需要獲得的 16,813,000票。留歐派得票為 16,141,241票。





今次公投結果是 出歐/ 脫歐,觸發下一輪的 Scotland 蘇格蘭 獨立公投再起,不遠矣。大不列顛 英倫三島 再次分裂, Wales 威爾斯 有沒有 獨立要求 and,Northern Ireland 北愛爾蘭 回歸 愛爾蘭共和國 reunification,將會是下一二個敏感議題!!!

David Cameron resigns Brexit defeat (FULL SPEECH)

Boris Johnson speech after Cameron resignation

英國根據歐盟條例 55條 必需:

Click the above picture to view details 點擊上圖閱讀詳程

European Union Article 50

Click the above picture to view details 點擊上圖閱讀詳程

United Kingdom referendum, 2016 維基百科
Boris Johnson vs Sadiq Khan the BBC Great Debate 谷歌搜尋
The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know BBC News
The UK's EU referendum result BBC News
英國公投結果 脫歐派勝出(不斷更新) 憨思新聞
歐盟去留公投結果:英國選擇脫歐 BBC中文網
EU Lisbon Treaty art.50 EU Lisbon Treaty

Brexit and BNO
Invest in something with a future

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