「我離港前到過一間精神科醫院。當時有位病人禮貌地問,一個以作為世上最悠久民主政體而自傲的國家,如何能夠將此地交給一個政治制度非常不同的國家,且既沒諮詢當地公民,又沒給予他們民主的前景,好讓他們捍衞自己的將來。一個隨行同事說,奇怪,香港提出最理智問題的人,竟在精神科醫院。」彭定康 金融時報

“During a visit to a mental hospital before I left Hong Kong, a patient politely asked me how a country that prided itself on being the oldest democracy in the world had come to be handing over his city to another country with a very different system of government, without either consulting the citizens or giving them the prospect of democracy to safeguard their future. Strange, said one of my aides, that the man with the sanest question in Hong Kong is in a mental hospital.”Chris Patten Financial Times

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Soul Mate

Soul Mate

好些人話要尋找人生中的 soul mate, 既然是soul mate 心靈之侶﹐當然應該不計較外表﹐外形的美醜喇﹐高矮肥肥瘦﹐應該不是考慮之因素﹐祇要求心靈上的互通﹐但人不竟是人﹐是否真的能夠做到呢。 Let me push that to an extreme by telling you this story.

第97集 "The Host "。

starrring: the usual crew
Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Patrick Stewart
Commander William Riker - Jonathan Frakes
Lt. Commander Data - Brent Spiner
Dr. Beverly Crusher - Gates McFadden
Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge - LeVar Burton
Counselor Deanna Troi - Marina Sirtis
Lt. Worf - Michael Dorn
Special guest star
Odan - Franc Luz

Doctor Beverly's life has taken a turn for the better- she's in love with Ambassador Odan, a negotiator of the Trill race, who's on board to get to a dispute between two moons of the world Peliar. However, Odan isn't quite what he seems-Troi keeps getting fluctuations of emotion from him, and when he's alone, we see...something...moving around in his stomach.

The trip is for the most part uneventful, marked only by Bev receiving a bit of ribbing from Deanna about her new flame. Once they arrive at the planet in question, however, things happen very fast. Odan and Riker attempt to shuttle down to the planet (Odan claiming he's not comfortable with transporters), but the shuttle is fired on. Riker manages, barely, to get it back to the Enterprise, but Odan is critically injured. Or rather, Odan's host body is critically injured-as it happens, the Trill are a joint species, and the parasite within the host body is the true Odan.

The body dies, and a replacement host from the Trill is 40 hours away, far longer than Odan could survive alone, even in stasis. Since Odan might be able to survive in a human host, Riker volunteers to be that host temporarily. The process is a little bumpy, but it works.

The aftermath is a problem, however. First, Riker/Odan must convince both Governor Leka and the two representatives of the factions that he's legitimate. Secondly, Riker's body is slowly but surely rejecting Odan, and it's unclear how long he can last. Thirdly, Beverly is very...uncomfortable with this situation, particularly when Riker/Odan says he still loves her, and still wants her.

All three problems are resolved, more or less. Odan is accepted as negotiator by all three parties, and Beverly manages to accept that the man she loves is still there, inside Riker's body. Unfortunately, the rejection continues, and Odan makes Beverly swear to remove him at the end of the day's negotiations, regardless of whether the new host has arrived. Fortunately, his negotiations are successful, and while Odan has to spend a little time in stasis between hosts, both Odan and Riker survive.

The change of hosts, however, becomes too much for Beverly, especially when she finds that the new Trill host is a woman.

Saying "I can't keep up," she tells Odan that although she still loves him and will never forget him, it's over.

太空船 Enterprise 接待一位男性的外星俊男 Odan,船上的女醫生 Crusher,迅即和 Odan 熱戀起來,但在一次的意外 Odan 受了重傷,發現 Odan其實是一條蟲形生物,寄生於一個 Humanoid 人型的外星男性體內,控制了寄生體的身體和思維,包括去愛和被愛。

但那個寄生主受到重傷要死了,為了拯救 Odan,女醫生要把蟲蟲 Odan 移植到另一自愿借出身體的船員身上,等候新的外星人到來,才把蟲蟲 Odan,放回去。

寄生在船員身上的 Odan再向 Crusher 求愛,Crusher 本來就跟那自愿的船員祇是朋友關係,她不能產生愛意。

到最後,很可惜﹐那個新來的寄生主是個女的﹐寄生的 蟲蟲 Odan 雖然依然深深的愛著 Dr. Crusher, 但人不竟是人﹐Dr. Crusher 不能投入和一個女的發生愛的感覺﹐還有下次呢﹐下次 Odan又要換寄生主時﹐會變成甚麼樣子呢?


那麼究竟 Soul Mate 究竟是甚麼呢???

Soul Mate 心靈伴侶 心靈之侶 是否真的存在?

還是祇是叫 Body Mate 好了!

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xiao zhu said...


space 兄這個課題可不小。




另外"同性戀可算是其中一族" 這說法,個人可不贊同。正常的同性戀在靈性上跟異性戀都是一樣,而他們都同樣有肉體上的需要的,只他們會需要用不同的方法去尋求滿足。

說多了! :P

Anonymous said...

不多不多!!! 多多益善........何故欲言又止﹐可以再繼續........!!!!


xiao zhu said...


XXX,笑我?(me kidding too:))冇需要喺度打XXX,只不過唔好意思喺度阻你咁多地方講咁多廢話啫。

Anonymous said...



aulina said...




xiao zhu said...



Space 兄:你唔好成日都咁謙啦!

Anonymous said...

唔好意思現在很忙﹐未能立刻回應﹐我其實只是想話跟本沒有soul mate 這回事!

寫多多D﹐ 越辯越有料到﹐ 正!!!!

暗黑的卡夫卡 said...

Nice post...

Don't we all longing for such a soul mate in this world?

Or it will never happen...

xiao zhu said...

"我其實只是想話跟本沒有soul mate 這回事!"


我是相信可以有soul mate。但現實係邊有人得閒陪我癲丫!

Anonymous said...


讀完你的回應﹐再次confirm, 你是性情中人﹐敢於付出。

我其實只是想話跟本沒有soul mate 這回事﹐因為不竟是人﹐有七情六慾。刻意漏寫慾這 part﹐ 因為既然是soul mate 心靈之侶﹐應只重靈性互通﹐絕對禁慾喇。否則不能叫soul mate, 要另外的稱謂例如 LOVE mate! or ust leave that as original "mate" 。

對﹐同性戀不是好的例子﹐他們會把單純靈性的溝通﹐申延到physical 的溝通。

Anonymous said...


你所提出“因為意外變成不良於行/毀容,我敢說真的愛的話一定不會嫌棄的,對嗎? ”

good point!!! 還可以說盡o的到“不能人道”﹐都是不會嫌棄的。

但還是humanoid ,還有是同一個人的軀體。

Anonymous said...

我之利用這個case﹐ 是要把問題推到最盡﹐因為若還是人樣 humanoid﹐就不能叫 soul 喇。

soul 是無形的﹐所以故事中用一條蟲來代替﹐條蟲(soul) 附上不同的軀體﹐人能否接受愛侶同一個soul ﹐但每次愛侶出現成不同的軀體, 而去愛不同的 figure, 而去愛不同的form????

如果不能的話﹐soul mate 一詞就不成立﹐要改改喇。

Star Trek -TNG, 還有另一個演繹﹐有機會再登。

Anonymous said...

唔好意思, 剛剛收到 卡兄 來料....


" Don't we all longing for such a soul mate in this world?
Or it will never happen... "

同意同意!!! 寫多多D﹐ 越辯越有料到﹐ 正!!!!

Anonymous said...

唔好意思剛剛又收到 小朱姐來料﹐先多謝一句先........再答!!!


" 放心,我哋明你嘅意思。^_ "

以小朱姐 and 各位 亞哥 亞姐的閱歷之廣博﹐我怎能逃過小朱姐 and 各位 亞哥 亞姐的法眼?

" 我是相信可以有soul mate。但現實係邊有人得閒陪我癲丫! "

小朱姐你唔好成日咁話﹐現實係邊有人得閒陪我癲丫﹐成個世界咁大﹐會有 o架
......... 不過你唔衹要soul mate 靈性之侶﹐你是要求全部擁有。

寫多D 寫多D﹐ 越辯越有料到﹐ 正!!!!

xiao zhu said...

"soul 是無形的﹐所以 .... 而去愛不同的 figure, 而去愛不同的form????"



好記性呀吓!抽我後腳咁話嚕喎!係丫,對於愛,我只可以100 或者 0。所以,正正係因為我對愛嘅執著,如果、或者、可能、萬一...出現你講0個D唔同form/figure 嘅話,我都唔排除繼續去愛架!你個心係唔係喺度笑緊話:都冇乜可能,任你噏喇!哈哈,係囉!^O^

"小朱姐你唔好成日咁話﹐現實係邊有人得閒陪我癲丫﹐成個世界咁大﹐會有 o架"

有? 嘿,講呀?
btw,乜我有成日咁話咩?死喇,又老人癡呆添! :(

Anonymous said...



"出現你講0個D唔同form/figure 嘅話,我都唔排除繼續去愛架!"

讀完你的回應﹐再次confirm, 你是性情中人﹐敢於付出。

xiao zhu said...


係呀,"性情中人,敢於付出",所以咪會"入不敷出" 囉。傷!! :[

xiao zhu said...

sorry, 我講得太多!

Anonymous said...


不不!!! 愈多愈好!!!

“入不敷出”哎喲!!! 如果你沒有講﹐未曾想到這個層面。

Haricot 微豆 said...

Wow, some heavy-duty but high-quality discussions here two yrs ago !!!

Anonymous said...

Hari 兄;歡迎光臨! Indeed very intriguing discussion, I wished to thank all friends for their support.